An integrated
enterprise solution for
Point-of-Sale (POS),
Inventory Management
and eCommerce.

One Platform for Multi-Channel Sales

Built with retailers in mind, Pozento opens up opportunities for expansion and brings your operational process together into a single, central system.

Home Integration

Maximise Your Business Potential

An integrated solution, Pozento allows businesses to conduct and manage sales over the counter, online, as well as direct from their inventory or warehouse.

It is a multi-channel business solution.

Engage with your customers through multi-sales channels. Manage your retail point-of-sale, inventory and eCommerce with ease.

A cost-effective solution that increases your profit margin by tapping into opportunities in brick-and-mortar, eCommerce and inventory sales.

It creates opportunities
for profit.

Bring your business to greater heights.

Reach out to a wider market and generate sales from both your retail outlet and eCommerce store.

Track your business' performance via reports found on your Pozento Dashboard.

It grants you control and
oversight of your business.

Keep posted on your business operations even when you are on the go. Make informed business decisions with Pozento’s performance tracking tools.


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