Busy street in Chinatown ahead of Chinese New Year

8 Auspicious Chinese New Year Greetings for Retail Businesses

We are a few days away from Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year, depending on where you’re from) and the festive mood has swept over Chinatown!


Retail businesses are bustling with our Singaporean Chinese friends stocking up eagerly on all things “new” for the Lunar New Year, which includes new clothes to New Year goodies.


If you happen to be running a retail business that is directly involved in supplying goods or services during this festive period, or a retail business with partners or suppliers who are Chinese, what we are about to share will be helpful in maintaining positive customer and working relationships.


Try any of these 8 auspicious Chinese New Year greetings targeted at different groups of Chinese customers and suppliers:



狗年大吉 2018 - Good luck & fortune!


  1. 狗年大吉; gǒu nián dà jí

Translation: “May the year of the dog bring you fortune and good luck”

Explanation: The approaching Lunar New Year marks the start of a new 12-year animal zodiac cycle. 狗年 (gǒu nián) refers to the year of the dog, while 大吉 (dà jí) means a huge blessing, which could be interpreted as fortune or luck.



汪汪年, 人旺旺 2018 - Good luck & Prosperity in the Year of the Dog


  1. 汪汪年, 人旺旺; wāng wāng nián ,rén wàng wàng

Translation: “Wishing you good luck and prosperity in the year of the woof woof”

Explanation: This is a creative, interesting and engaging way to convey your well wishes. This greeting cleverly utilises the phonetic similarities between the Chinese words, 汪汪 (wāng wāng) and 旺旺 (wàng wàng), which are the sounds of a dog’s bark and the word “prosperity” in Chinese.



身体健康 2018 - Good health


  1. 身体健康; shēn tǐ jiàn kāng

Translation: “Wishing you good health”

Explanation: 身体 (shēn tǐ) refers to the body and 健康 (jiàn kāng) refers to good health. Well, health is wealth, wouldn’t you agree?



恭喜发财 2018 - Prosperous New Year


  1. 恭喜发财gōng xǐ fā cái

Translation: “May you have a prosperous new year”

Explanation: 恭喜 (gōng xǐ) is often used to express congratulatory messages, while 发财 (fā cái) refers to flourishing wealth. This is undoubtedly the most common greeting you will hear during this festive season.



财运滚滚 2018 - Continuous flow of wealth


  1. 财运滚滚; cái yùn gǔn gǔn

Translation: “Wishing you continuous wealth luck”

Explanation: As you would have already guessed, most auspicious greetings revolve around wealth and prosperity, and so does this! 财运 (cái yùn) refers to your “money luck” or “wealth luck”, and 滚滚 (gǔn gǔn) is used to describe a fast, rapid and continuous tumbling action. This greeting wishes you a continuous flow of wealth luck.



心想事成 2018 - May all your dreams and wishes come true


  1. 心想事成; xīn xiǎng shì chéng

Translation: “May all your hopes and wishes be fulfilled”

Explanation: A highly adaptable (and rather general) greeting that wishes you success or fulfillment, 事成 (shì chéng), in the things you hope or wish for, 心想 (xīn xiǎng).



学业进步 2018 - All the best in your studies


  1. 学业进步 ; xué yè jìn bù

Translation: “May you make progress in your studies”, or “Wishing you all the best in your studies”

Explanation: Aside from the usual greetings on wealth and prosperity, this greeting is most relevant to your customers who may still be schooling. 学业 (xué yè) refers to studies, whereas 进步 (jìn bù) refers to improvement or progress.



发发发 2018 - Huat ah!


  1. 发发发; fā fā fā (or do it the Singaporean way, “Huat ah!”)

Translation: “Get rich” or “Hit the jackpot”

Explanation: A casual phrase used to convey wishes of wealth and prosperity. In a so-Singaporean way of wishing someone good luck and good fortune, you can also use the greeting, “Huat ah!”




Wishing all our followers, “Happy Holidays!”

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