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Q: What is Pozento?

Pozento is a one-stop integrated enterprise solution for retailers or merchants who seek to streamline their retail point-of-sales (POS), inventory management and eCommerce functions into a single, seamless platform.

Leverage on Pozento today to widen your business reach. For a better idea of what Pozento is capable of, see more under Features!

Q: How is Pozento beneficial for my business operation?

We pride ourselves as a multi-channel business solution. Aimed at propelling small and medium enterprises (SMEs) into eCommerce, Pozento helps to bring together traditional retail with digital commerce via an integrated ecosystem that gives businesses more control and oversight of business processes.

Q: I'm interested and willing to give Pozento a go, but at the same time, I’m not sure if Pozento is suited for my business needs?

Well, not to worry. We, too, agree that it is important for businesses to find the right solution for different business needs. As such, we are offering a 30-day free trial on Pozento’s integrated Expansion plan and would gladly invite you to explore around.

If you wish to consult our team for advice or recommendation, feel free to drop us an email at or call +65 6696 5457.

Q: I’m starting out as an entrepreneur, and I’m looking for an inexpensive business solution to streamline my business processes more effectively and efficiently. How much would I have to pay for Pozento?

Pozento is priced according to varying degrees of business requirement and functionality.

If you are looking for an all-in-one integrated POS, Inventory Management and eCommerce plan, you may consider our all-rounded Expansion plan which costs US$69/month.

If you already have an existing POS machine or eCommerce presence, and would like to purchase just a standalone plan for vice versa, you may consider our Shopfront or eCommerce plans. Both plans are priced at US$39/month each.

For a detailed list on each plan’s feature overview, do check out our Pricing page.

Q: I’ve seen the plans on pricing but my business would require additional customisation. Would that be possible?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide additional customisation services for Pozento aside from the options available for add-on.

Q: How does the monthly subscription for Pozento work?

As we adopt a 30-day recurring monthly subscription model, you will be charged according to the plan and add-ons you have subscribed to on a monthly basis and these will be automatically deducted from the Credit Card details you have provided in US Dollars (US$), rounded up to the nearest cent. For other payment methods (i.e. PayPal or Bank Transfer), the auto-deduction scheme will not be available.

Q: Must I wait till the last day of my subscription before I can downgrade or upgrade my account?

No, you won’t have to wait! You may downgrade or upgrade your account anytime you like. Your plan subscription will be prorated accordingly. Here’s an example to better explain how subscription on plans will be charged:

Plan Upgrade Example

  • From 1 January to 30 January (30-day recurring monthly subscription model): Subscribed to eCommerce Plan (US$39)
  • On 20 January (with 10 days remaining): Upgrade to Expansion Plan (US$69)
  • Prorated Charge (Billed on 30 January) = (20 out of 30 days x Cost of eCommerce Plan) + (10 out of 30 days x Cost of Expansion Plan)
    = US$26 + US$23
    = US$49

Plan Downgrade Example

  • From 1 January to 30 January (30-day recurring monthly subscription model): Subscribed to Expansion Plan (US$69)
  • On 20 January (with 10 days remaining): Downgrade to Shopfront Plan (US$39)
  • Prorated Charge (Billed on 30 January) = (20 out of 30 days x Cost of Expansion Plan) + (10 out of 30 days x Cost of Shopfront Plan)
    = US$46 + US$13
    = US$59

Q: Can I add on features to my existing subscription plan at any point in time?

Yes, sure you can! Your add-ons will be prorated (to the nearest cent) and calculated according to your subscription period. Here is a scenario to help you understand how add-ons will be charged:

Add-On Subscription Example

  • From 1 January to 30 January (30-day recurring monthly subscription model): Subscribed to Shopfront (US$39)
  • On 20 January (with 10 days remaining): Add 1 additional terminal (US$29)
  • Prorated Charge (Billed on 30 January) = US$39 + (10 out of 30 days x Cost of 1 Add-On Terminal)
    = US$39 + $9.66667
    = US$48.67

Q: Can I get a refund if I decide to terminate my subscription before the last day of my monthly subscription?

Unfortunately, we do not prorate refunds for account terminations. As we adopt the 30-day recurring monthly subscription model, we will continue to provide Pozento as a paid service for the remaining length of your subscription. Your account will be terminated the following month instead.

Q: What are some ways I can pay for my Pozento subscription?

You can pay for your subscription via the following payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

For Credit Cardholders or PayPal users, your monthly subscription will be automatically deducted after every 30 days. Don’t have to worry about being taken aback by “sudden” deductions. Here at Pozento, we believe in transparency. We will take the necessary steps to inform you of an incoming deduction for your subscription, which will expire in 3 days, as well as a final notification when the deduction has been successfully made.

For subscribers who would prefer to pay via Bank Transfer, the automatic recurring deduction scheme is – unfortunately – unavailable. Gentle reminders will be sent to prompt a subscription extension.

Q: How can I extend, downgrade/upgrade or terminate my subscription?

You may do so by logging in to your Pozento account at > My Subscription.

Q: May I know what languages are supported on Pozento?

At this point in time, Pozento’s interface is only able to support 3 languages: English, Bahasa Indonesian and Thai. We are currently working to include other languages.

Q: Is Pozento compatible on mobile or other tablet devices, such as the iPad?

Yes, Pozento can be assessed through a web browser on your mobile and tablet devices.

We have plans to launch a mobile application and are currently working on it. We hope to inform you of its launch as soon as we’re done!

Q: I've subscribed to Pozento. What's next for me?

Thank you for subscribing! You may refer to our tutorial guide for steps on preparing your account for business operations.

Q: Is there a minimum system requirement for Pozento?

Yes. You will need to ensure your workstation supports the following web browsers:

  • Google Chrome – Chrome 62 and after
  • Mozilla Firefox – Firefox 57 and after

Q: I share the same vision as the team behind Pozento and would like to explore a partnership or distributorship. Who can I contact?

First of all, thank you. We’re humbled and grateful for your interest in our solution. You may reach out to us via Contact and we will assign a relevant staff to follow up on the opportunity within three (3) working days.

Q: May I know how my personal data will be collected and protected?

Your personal particulars are collected upon subscribing to Pozento. These information are required for validation of unique accounts, as well as a contact point for notifications on Pozento’s product updates. For more information on Personal Data Protection, please have a look through our Terms of Use.

Q: What happens to my store’s data once I have terminated my account?

Upon termination of your account, we will continue to maintain your store’s data, such as product list, inventory, reports and more, for 90 days. This allows you some time to search and export any information which you may require.

After 90 days, all data recorded in your store will be removed permanently.

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